Aimer Gil

After I studied a career and left another in the middle, I discovered that my true vocation was to design accessories. This is my story, since I was very young I was linked to art, experimenting from painting to oil to molding in clay.

My idea of ​​designing accessories arose at the age of 11, product of a curiosity to experiment with chakras (beads) threaded in elastic thread, making bracelets; curiosity that later transpired to the tissues in macrame, drilling in seeds and work with alpaca, most of the techniques learned empirically, others in the company of the hippies of the coasts of Colombian - Venezuela.

The passion for design was finally developed when I met through the networks the editor of the magazine Rocca (Yamile Blanco), in 2010, who gave me support and incentive to meet myself in the creative process of my firm, which I founded in 2012, the date on which I began to merge techniques learned, to start my first sketches that I later present, to my clientele, which has been growing, both nationally and internationally.

Currently, I work from my workshop located on the outskirts of the City of Valencia and  Medellin, where I managed to establish a working group, which meets my requirements as a designer, and provided a source of employment to artisans from the locality, as well as from other countries.

For me it is important to take into account the aesthetic harmony of each of my pieces, which go through a long creative process, from the sketches to the design, which takes to be perfected for 5 to 7 months, this kind of effort has made known in other latitudes, this will be a story that we will tell you in other entries!

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