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Aimer Gil



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The Caribbean is a collection inspired by my grandparents' farm and my connection with the trips he made between Colombia and Venezuela where culture and customs become art.

The jewels in this collection are handmade by Colombian and Venezuelan artisans; in each jewel we use recycled and cured plastic in our workshop to give shape to the different fruits and flowers presented here.

Remember that these pieces are unique and may have small variations in shapes.


Each jewel is made in our workshop. 
The earring system is pressured. 
The base metal used in each jewel is bronze or copper, all plated in 18 carat gold. 
Other decorations can be with stras, swarovski crystals, Czech mustacilla, cultured pearls. 
In some designs we may use recycled and encapsulated paper or recycled plastic cured in our workshop.

Our jewelry is 60% harmonious with the environment.

Care information

Avoid using body creams, makeup with earrings on.

Do not wet, if you do remember to dry them carefully.

Do not bend, do not drop, are encapsulated and are usually fragile.

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Each jewel is handmade by artisans from Venezuela and Colombia, under ethical and environmentally responsible processes.